Currant (Ribes odoratum) Crandall Clove Currant

Crandall CurrantAlso called clove currant, this is not a black currant except in color. It ripens much later, is bigger and sweeter without the black currant muskiness. The yellow flowers in spring are spicy sweet and the bush is large (5′-6′) and open and has lovely fall color. see pic. I just got this additional info from one of my customers: The Crandall selection was from a wild stand of ribes odoratum found by a farmer west of Newton, KS in 1888.  He developed the strain, which had extra sweetness and larger berry size. The original stand is gone now and I don’t remember who sent me my original plant thirty years ago, but I got a better strain from Colorado about 20 years ago.  Some Crandalls bear better than others and because they are hard to root, I suspect that some nurseries are selling seedlings.

Size: BarerootPrice: $8.50
Size: 1 galPrice: $18.00

Currant black (Ribes nigrum) Titania Black Currant PP 11439

New rust resistant cultivar, better fruit quality than the Consort group. Note: this is a patented cultivar so you are required to pay a patent fee. Also, it is against the law for you to propagate it, so don’t do it or we will all get in trouble. I am hoping to get some of the other new cultivars on which we will also have to pay the royalty (and not propagate), but it is so worth it!

Size: BarerootPrice: $9.50