Got Shade??

Ok, Guys, this is it, really really it. I am going to post what caught my eye every week for sure. And this week it is Hydrangeas. Actually it has been Hydrangeas for a bit and suddenly I realized that since mine are in the sun (a big no-no), it was going to be too late. Two of the cultivars I am sure I have listed on my site, but the other one, O’Amachi Nishiki is new, and I am trying to think of how to describe it: not really variegated leaves, more like a speckled wash, but that doesn’t sound too good, and it is indeed beautiful all the time and incredible in the fall. So here are the pics for O’amachi which stays small, Teller’s Blue, 5’x 5′ if you let it go, and Hydrangea aspera Macrophylla which gets tall and thin if unchecked, but is unmatched with its huge fuzzy leaves and purple lace cap. Hope this works.

Hydrangea O'Amachi nishiki

Hydrangea O’Amachi nishiki

Sargenteana (Hydrangea aspera 'Sargenteana')

Hydrangea asp. ‘Macrophylla’

Hydrangea 'Tellers Blue'

Hydrangea ‘Tellers Blue’

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